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    Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation includes:

• Financial Series including Multicurrency, General Ledger, Payables Management, Bank Reconciliation and Receivables Management.
• Distribution Series including Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Inventory.
• Manufacturing Series including Manufacturing Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Order Processing, and Material Requirements Planning.
• Field Service Series including Returns Management.
• Project Series including Contract Administration with Revenue Recognition.

This Service Includes Following Components

We ensure to provide right blend of business solutions, technological expertise, and customized software development that best suits your organization. It is our teams of experts that make our company stand out from the crowd.

Business Process Review

It expands upon your previously expressed requirements by performing specific interviews of personnel and observation of business processes.Objective is to define existing procedures and recommendation of new business processes complimentary to the capabilities of the proposed accounting solution


Installation takes place early in the process, by allowing your organization to immediately utilize and practice new skills learned during the training process. It consists of loading the Microsoft Dynamics GP software to your network configuration and configuring initial system users and company setup information


After our preliminary planning meeting, we arrange a detailed training plan listing out the locations, dates, times and attendees of all the sessions. Training on Microsoft Dynamics GP will occur over several weeks, consisting of classes both at our training facility and at your office

Go-Live Assistance and Ongoing Support

We provide your organization with go- live assistance based on your comfort level. several methods of ongoing support are available, including phone, email and remote dial-in.One of Finosys key advantages is superior customer service, including telephone support.


Our Skills

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Clean Code

Even bad code can function. But if code isn't clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees.

Detailed Documentation

In software product development, documentation is the information that describes the product to its users. It consists of the product technical manuals and online information (including online versions of the technical manuals and help facility descriptions). The term is also sometimes used to mean the source information about the product contained in design documents, detailed code comments, white papers, and blackboard session notes.

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Customization

SQL Database

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