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     Finosys Premium Accounting    

Finosys Premium Accounting is a comprehensive Management information system for any type and size of business.

  Changing your accounting system or automating for the first time is no easy task, that’s why the built-in tools in Finosys Premium Accounting are designed to get you up and running in no time. The new company setup wizard helps you easily setup your company with its locations departments and branches. Finosys Premium Accounting gives you many different ways to better understand and manage your business. Whether you are tracking net income or checking on your assets or liabilities.  

ü    Multiple Companies/ Years
Maintain accounts for all your companies, for multiple years.


Flexible setup of the program ensures that you have an accounting system that is customized to your accounting and reporting needs. The customized structure reflects the size and nature of your business.


ü    Airtight Security
Tightest security possible, through functional security and data access controls. Restrict users who may edit or delete record. Ensure data integrity through posting routines.


With Finosys Premium Accounting you have the tool to computerize a Company’s entire business, Financial Accounting, Receivables & Payables, Invoicing, Voucher Designing & Printing, Inventory, MIS, and a lot more. For as many companies and years as desired.

Finosys Premium Accounting has numerous customized reports for you. With the powerful customizable reports available you can be sure that Finosys Premium Accounting will give you the data you need and the insight you need to better understand your business.



ü    Fully Customizable
For features, functions, reports, data entry screens... whatever!


ü    Branches, Divisions...
Projects & Locations. Great for classification and analysis.


Acknowledged as the finest accounting software, Finosys Premium Accounting takes care of all the accounting needs, Accounting for multiple businesses and profit centers, Flexible Account and Product classification. And a lot more.

ü      Power & Simplicity
Easy to learn and use, and yet with the features and functionality to put real Information Power at your fingertips.



ü    Bulk Import & Export
You can integrate with other applications. Import transactions from comma separated text files, easily.



ü     Help
Extensive help is available throughout the system.



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